While best known for our complex, high net-worth cases involving extensive property interests, business succession, and related tax issues, Ain & Bank represents a range of individuals with family law issues.

Complex Divorce Cases Involving Businesses, Substantial Assets and Property Interests  +

Extensive experience in developing creative solutions to complex divorce cases involving businesses, stock options, restricted stock units, real estate, real estate investment trusts and other assets which require creative thinking to avoid dissipating substantial assets. Not all matters can be resolved without the court’s assistance.  In such instances, Ain & Bank attorneys are competent trial litigators with significant experience trying complex divorce matters, which include intricate financial issues.

Business Succession Planning  +

In the context of divorce and business succession, we work with professionals in a variety of other specialties to assist clients in effectively planning for family succession and succession within their companies to maximize returns for business owners and their families.

Integrated Solutions for Wealth Management and Preservation  +

We assist clients in overseeing their personal and corporate lives, as well as those of their families, in preserving wealth created for future generations.

Premarital, Postnuptial and Marital Settlement Agreements  +

We have fine-tuned the craft of negotiating and drafting all manner of agreements, including Premarital, Postnuptial, and Settlement agreements.  Each of these types of agreements require a high degree of skill to ensure they are drafted in a manner which protects the interests of the client and ensures the agreement’s enforceability in any future proceeding.  Our attorneys work closely with the client to insure that his or her interests will be protected, while also insuring that the process is successful for the couple. Our representation does not end there. We represent parties in the unfortunate event they have to engage collection methods or other enforcement of said agreements.

Child Custody  +

We approach child custody disputes with the sensitivity, care, and thoughtfulness which they require. We focus our attention on reaching a resolution, whether through settlement between the parties or an order of the court which conforms with the best interests of the children and ensures the children’s continued well-being.  Part of this approach may be the referral of the parents to a parent coordinator to assist with the creation of a parenting plan that best achieves the best parents’ goals while striving to achieve what is most important, an outcome that is in the best interest of the child.

Spousal Support and Child Support  +

We are well skilled in both the settlement and the litigation of spousal and child support disputes. While child support is often calculated with the help of state mandated guidelines, disputes can still arise between the parties regarding an appropriate award of child support.  Spousal support is a nuanced area of domestic relations law and is often a contentious issue between divorcing spouses. Our attorneys are well versed in the law and tax implications of spousal support.

Adoption  +

Adoptions are most often happy occasions that signal an expanding family. Whether we represent parents, step-parents, grandparents, other family members or non-family members, our family law attorneys are adept at handling the intricacies of adoption matters.  We help clients prepare the necessary documents to avoid unnecessary challenges or delays in the adoption process.

Domestic Violence – Civil Protection Matters  +

In the least favorable of circumstances involving intrafamily offenses, our attorneys are equipped to represent parties who are seeking or have had Civil Protection Orders entered against them by a spouse or person with whom they have a child in common. We will defend against or advance allegations where a spouse or co-parent has committed or threatened to commit a crime against them. Although, the most contentious of circumstances our attorneys are well suited to help parties in this position reach agreements to stay away, not assault, threaten, harass or stalk one another, while also facilitating safe visitation schedules when appropriate.

Miscellaneous – Collaborative Process  +

Certain cases are better suited to be handled through a collaborative process, which is a non-adversarial and non-litigious manner of resolving family law cases.  From the very inception of the process, the parties contractually agree that the matter will not be brought before the court.  However, if the one or both parties change their mind and seek the court’s assistance, both parties must withdraw from the collaborative process.  Furthermore, the lawyers for both sides will not be allowed to represent the parties in the upcoming litigation.