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A Comparison of the Domestic Relations Laws Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia

Sanford Ain

This article explains in detail the differences between the marriage and divorce laws in the three jurisdictions in the metro D.C. area. Subtle but important differences in the laws can make a big difference to your financial future.

Divorce – The Valuation and Division of Stock Options

Sanford Ain

The classification and valuation of employee stock options often present a difficult area to negotiate in marital dissolution settlements. It is imperative that certain factors are determined before any practitioner can begin to classify and value employee stock options for settlement purposes. This article contains important guidance in considering the key factors.

Inside Business: Look for Right Recipe in Immigration Issues

Natalia Wilson

Professional, Personal & Celebrity Goodwill Valuation: Forecasting an Uncertain Future

Sanford Ain

The principal aspects of divorce involve identifying and dividing property acquired during the marriage. In the case of intangible assets, however, the simple issue of what is considered property for purposes of division pursuant to a divorce has confounded the courts and created fodder for lawyers and experts. This article provides helpful guidance in considering the valuation and division of professional degrees and licenses, professional and personal goodwill, and celebrity goodwill.

It Matters Where Marriage Ends

Sanford Ain

On the most basic issues of residency requirements, grounds for divorce, division of property, and child custody, the three jurisdictions of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia offer significantly different law to divorcing couples.

In Depth: Investement & Finance Quarterly – Common Broker Complaints and How to Avoid Them

While traditional full-service brokers appear to be doing well to maintain customer satisfaction, customer disputes are as inevitable as fluctuations in the stock market. Here are some common customer claims and some steps to avoid liability if a claim is made.